Monday, June 28, 2010

Cool Blog

I have recently found a really cool blog called Made by Joel. It is a dad that makes really cool toys for his twins and then shares them with everyone else to enjoy too. I have made a few including the box aquarium, the paper city and the slotted animals. I have plans for so many more things from his blog. I have been telling my friends and they have made a few things too. It is easy and so much fun. Isaiah loves it. Go have a look and see if you can make something fun for your kids.

Weekend Projects

We have so many weekend projects on our list but this weekend we managed to get outside and get some things done. Isaiah loves to 'help', which as you can imagine sometimes isn't that helpful. This time we gave him his very own hammer and earmuffs and it worked a treat.

He helped dad chisel out for a hinge (brave dad holding the chisel)

Banging nails into bits of wood

This is a really cool hammer, it has a special bit on top with a magnet that holds the nail while you bang it in the first time so there are less black finger nails. Great for little boys learning.

He is a great foreman.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

To Pom-pom or not

I have discovered that I love knitting in circles, round needles make life so easy. So I think I will always have a 'round' project on the go (along with something else too). It has no 'end of the row' which means I can put it down at any point and not wonder where I was up to next time I get to it. Very handy when there are often interruptions from little ones. So here is the latest, it is for Isaiah and he loves it. The whole time I was knitting it, he wanted to try it on and asked if it was done yet. So I have a question, do you think I should put a pom-pom on top? Leave your opinion in the comments.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

First Produce

I think I may be a little too excited about this but I picked my first produce today. This is the first time I have planted seeds, watched, watered and waited and then picked my own vegies. Snowpeas. Sure, I've grown herbs and benefited from other people planting and then moving out before the produce was ready and I got bucket loads of tomatoes as a result. But this time I did it from start to finish. It isn't much but it is enough to go with our dinner tonight. Yay.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Full of little things

Today has been full of wonderful memorable little things.

  • Hanging favourite pictures taken on a special holiday

  • Nephews school sports day - and Isaiah running in the toddler race, falling over and coming last but still getting a green ribbon that he is so proud of

  • 20 week scan and knowing that all is going well in there

  • finding myself a pair of wellies!!

  • getting a wedding invite in the mail

  • getting an ebay purchase in the mail

  • Watching the kids play in the shed while Dad and Pa worked

  • Making up a recipe in my Thermomix and having it taste really good and the kids loving it

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