Monday, November 29, 2010

Saturday, November 27, 2010

^^ Frank ^^

We are currently in the middle of harvest. 
Yesterday we went down the paddock and had a ride on Frank.
Otherwise known as a header, thank-you Cars (the movie) for giving it a real name.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Today's Redirected Craft Activity

Today I was planning to make a mobile of thankfulness that I saw on Made by Joel.  I thought it would be a good activity to get Isaiah thinking about what we are thankful for and for me to teach into his life about what is truly important to us.

As I was cutting out the shapes for us to write on, he picked one up and it became a 'man'.  And the next shape was a boat, followed by a 'helmet to breathe under water'.

At this point I decided to just go with his imagination 
and forget all about the thankfulness mobile, 
there is always another day for that.

So we launched into imagining mode!
A straw became the way the man under the sea breathes
The boat was modified so that the men could get in and out


Each man got a happy and sad face - one on each side.
We made a hat and a coat


As you can see, it was very exciting to play with our paper people,
watching them fall into and out of the boat.

For me, this was a big reminder that sometimes it is better to throw my plans out the window and embrace what is happening in the moment. 
I could have told him that 'no, we are thinking about things to be thankful for' and I would have missed out on a special time with my boy.  And I would have been cranky, trying to get him to 'stop being silly'.
Instead, we had so much fun constructing things together and then playing with them
it was wonderful memory making time.

Brotherly Love

Here is a video we took this morning. This gives you an idea how the boys are coping with a new little brother.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mum Encouragement

Today I read a blog that made me stop and think about what is important. It is by one of my favourite authors Sally Clarkson. It is called 'Today, I will take time to...'

Here is Sally's list - I want it to be my list too!

  • I would stop in the midst of my chores to listen to a boy-joke being shared and I would laugh out-loud and tell them they were so much fun.
  • I would stop unloading the groceries when my husband is talking to me and look deeply into his eyes and listen to what he is saying, communicating with my whole self, “You are such a treasure to me. I want to know what you are thinking and feeling and dreaming.”
  • I would take the moment to tossle a head as I am passing through a room and say, “I am so blessed to have you as my very own child. You make me so happy, just being you.”
  • I would stop what I am doing, to go outside to look at a “treasure” when I hear, “Hey, Mama, come look!”–an apple blossom blooming on our very first apple tree or a worm on the grass or whatever had capture their curiosity.
  • I would camp more outside on our deck and cuddle up under the sleeping bags more often to marvel at the stars and the one who made them.
  • I would open my eyes to take a snapshot of today–just as it is–with boy noises, loud discussions, toys being played with intently, piano being practiced, thoughts being shared, messes coming and going..
  • Instead of giving advice when a child is opening their heart through tears, I would listen with a sorrowful, sympathetic heart and take seriously what they were feeling, instead of mentally planning that the clothes in the dryer need to be folded.
  • I would laugh more, worry less, lecture only on rare occasions, overlook messes instead of wasting my time being neurotic, notice the fingerprints of my maker in the moments of my days, and cherish those few years when we were all home, together, being the Clarksons and celebrating life.

Wow - doesn't that make you see what really matters in life. Our kids grow up so quick and yet as we are in the moment it seems like it will last forever. But it won't. So I am going to try and stop and remember what is important each day.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Farm Report - Flood

This week we had some much needed rain.
Our cotton was well and truly ready for a drink.
With floods comes the need to get around the farm.
Sometimes a boat could be a better option.

This is our overland flow pump at the creek dam
That's the sump, not the dam.

Floods always bring out some wildlife.
I guess their homes got a bit damp.
Post by Farmer Smith

Friday, November 19, 2010

++ Labelled ++

I am very excited. I am labelled!!
I have been wanting to have labels made for a long time now, but it always seemed like it would be too expensive.
Then I saw someone doing it on normal ribbon at an embroidery shop.
So after some investigation I discovered it wouldn't cost too much.
So now I can personalise the things I make,
with my simple 'Ainz' label.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

** Making **

Here is one of things I have been making in my 'spare' time lately. Yes, I know you are laughing at me - I don't really have spare time as such. Do you actually know anyone who has spare time? I guess it is more correct to say 'this is what I have chosen to make a priority with my time lately as part of my 'handmade presents' aim for this year.'

This is a bag I made for a very special friends birthday. I did some research when we went shopping together one day, checking which fabrics she liked and went back a week later to purchase them. Then I jumped into making this bag. It is a tutorial by Pink Penguin. This tutorial is so well written and everything is explained beautifully with heaps of photos. It came together really quickly and beautifully.

This is where I used iron on vinyl coating to protect the lining fabric, just in case something spills inside there. I love this product, so handy and easy to use. The bag has a drawstring cover inside so you can safely hide the contents of the bag. Great idea for keeping those kids fingers out.

My only disappointment is that the bag is smaller than I expected - the dimensions were listed on the tutorial but it looked like it would be bigger. Next time I will actually get out my measuring stick and see just how big the project will end up - before I start!

Anyway - Happy Birthday my dear friend!!

Loving the old things

This would have to be one of my favourite old things. This is a vintage bouncer. I have used it with all three of my boys and it always works when they need a little help to sleep or just calm down. The beautiful bouncing motion sends them off into a peaceful sleep - therefore I love it.

You can buy things that are similar now in the shops but this is the original thing (and cost me next to nothing because it isn't very pretty). The netting stuff didn't look overly comfortable to me so a quick sewing project by Gran gives us a wonderful vintage bouncer.

Eli loves it (just like the other two boys)

I wonder how many other babies have been bounced to sleep in this??

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Garden Update

It's been a while since I've given you an update on our gardening process. I think planting the potatoes was the last thing we shared. Since then we have planted tomatoes, broccoli and rosella. All of which are going really well. We have picked some of the potatoes, the broccoli is all finished and the rosellas are going really well now (after laying down for a sleep for a week, which made me think they were dead). Anyway, the little garden we have is full. So time for a bigger garden.

Most people would be imagining digging up a new garden meaning hard work and sore backs.
But not here - this means get the boys to bring the tractor over so we can sit and watch them plough it for us!
There was some hand digging to find the pipe rather than dig it up with the plough. (SMART idea, it went straight through the middle of one of the proposed plots, so this one didn't get ploughed yet. We need to move the pipe first).

It was a lovely afternoon/evening to be out in the garden. So far we've planted zucchini, egg plant and beans.
I'm loving showing the kids growing things at home and making our own food.
They had great fun helping pull up some potatoes yesterday too.

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Friday, November 5, 2010

This past week

Eli joined our family and is loved very much!