Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mornington Wliderness Park

We had been told by numerous people that Mornington Wilderness Park was well worth the drive in.  So we decided that if there was space we would go. 

 At the turn off there is this radio for you to call up and find out if there is room for you to stay.  
A great thing because it is just over 2 hour drive off the main road.  
We were very excited when then said there was room for us.

 This enormous Boab tree was just one of the many we saw that day.  
There were so many different shapes and sizes.

 Tranquil water of Sir John Gorge at sunset.

 Gran and Jai exploring the edges of Sir John Gorge

 Paddling on Dimond Gorge

 The boys pulling in the canoe to our little sandy beach.

 "Spin me please Dad"

The flying leap!!!
This was the best way to get in as the water was actually rather cold.

We had such a wonderful time here.  And would have to agree, it was well worth the drive in.