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Thanks for coming to 'It's the little things'.  I started blogging so I could share the little things that happen in every day life with my friends that don't live so close anymore.  The things that I'd tell you if we were having coffee together.  I'm now enjoying friendships that are a results of 'comment conversations'.

I have been married to my husband for more than 10 years.  We are farmers in south east Queensland, Australia, on the farm that I grew up on.  We have three wonderful boys that we have loads of fun with and enjoy being with everyday!

I enjoy sewing, knitting, digital scrap booking, gardening and cooking so I do my best to make time for these things.  Although sometimes it feels like I have too many options for 'self time' that I end up not being able to decide what to do and find my time over before I've even started.  

Please leave a comment and I'll try to reply so be sure to check back.  Also if you have a blog let me know so I can come and check out your space in this blog world.

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  1. Fantastic site Ainsley. Thanks for making a comment on my blog - 'cos that's how I found your blog! What a great site - full of ideas and lovely projects. Will definitely be checking back here regularly to see what you've been up to :-)


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