Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Playschool has a lot to answer for in our family, in the most positive way. 

It teaches us all sorts of things.  Colours, shapes, counting, pretend play, making things with simple stuff like boxes, self control (to sit still for the whole 30mins).  It even gave us an adventure for our holiday in Sydney.  

You see, a while ago on playschool there was a drawbridge 'through the windows'.  (For those of you who don't know playschool they look through the windows and show us something in real life.)  Anyway, they then built a draw bridge with boxes and a piece of cardboard for boat to sail through.  Isaiah really liked the drawbridge and we played 'drawbridge' here for many days following that playschool.  So while we were planning our holidays I looked to see if there was a drawbridge in Sydney we could go and visit.  There was.  So we planned a day trip around the timing of the bridge opening.  Here it is.

Lucky Dad was there to let them sit up here and get the best view possible

Waiting, waiting ...  

We saw the lights go red to stop the traffic, and the boom gates come down.  Then...

Here we go ...  up, up

up, up

up, up...

Through the boats go.

We were amazed just how fast the bridge goes up.  It was so much fun.  But one of the most exciting things is that playschool often does reruns and the very next week we saw the same playschool again and that very bridge was the one that was through the windows.  We could even see where we sat to watch the bridge.  How cool is that.  I love playschool, it is a main stayer in our daily structure.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Home again, home again

It's been a while since I've been here - we've been on holidays!!  I'll show you where we've been.

Hunter Valley Gardens - a wonderful story book garden full of nursery rhyme characters

Nelson Bay - whale watching

While the kids stayed with a wonderful friend

Scott and I had an amazing relaxing day

Singleton - bowling

Jai's first time bowling - he won!!

Check out that style!

Sydney - we found this big bridge

Darling Harbour - View out our hotel window

and at night.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

Luna Park - the kids rides.

We had a wonderful holiday, staying with friends and then sight-seeing in Sydney.  So much fun to be had taking three small farm boys on ferries, buses, trains and monorails.  They were all very tired and worn out when we left Sydney, but lots of memories where made there.  So much to talk about and remember together.  I'll try to show you some more of our adventure over the next few days.  We've all been a bit sick since we've returned home, so I'll see how we go.  

Home - what a lovely place it is.  
Holidays are great - but there is no place like home!!