Monday, February 27, 2012

For Me

I bought some fabric on impulse a few months ago.  I had no plans for it but it was going to be something for me!  I was inspired by Made by Rae's Spring Top Event.  I found this Simplicity pattern that I thought would go well with my fabric.
This top seemed to take forever to make.  It happened during rest times over a month or more.  And then I tried it on half finished and didn't really like the way it looked so left it on my sewing table for another couple of weeks. Perhaps there was even some guilt about spending time on a project for myself.  Some how it is easy to justify sewing time when its clothes for the kids.  Anyway, eventually I decided to just do it and see what happened.

I'm really happy with how it worked out - After adding the tie it becomes a lovely fitting top.
I love that when I make my own tops I can make it a size ten at the top and then a 14 at the bottom to accommodate my post-baby belly.  I also love the way it is finished.  For no particular reason I decided do french seams, and then when it came time for the sleeves they have binding on the seam.  So it has a beautiful finish.
All in all, it was a trying sewing experience, but I would definitely make this pattern again.  I'm already on the lookout for the perfect fabric.  It may just be hiding in my fabric cupboard somewhere, perhaps it needs a sort!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Three things - spaces in our home

Three spaces that make me happy because they bring organisation and simplicity to our home.

 The shelf above our 'work table' that houses our paper, pencil, pens, crayons and other everyday stationery.

 The boys shoes boxes and dirty clothes boxes - each one has their own and know how to use it!!

Our bath toys - in a pot plant box.  Holes to drain the water and a tray to catch the water so it doesn't go all over the floor.  A simple solution to these wet toys dripping all over the floor.

I love simple organisation!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My latest creating discovery

I bought some iron on transfer paper a few months ago and never had the right project to use it for - till last week.

We are making a quilt for my mother in law as a birthday present.  Each grandchild gets a square to decorate.  I wasn't quite able to let them at it with paint and pens straight on the fabric (I know - I need to let go one day) so this transfer was the perfect answer for me not to end up completely stressed out.

After a few different paintings on paper we ended up with great pictures that really represent each of the boys.  Eli is a little too small for the project yet, so I used a recent photo for his.

Isaiah painted a tractor and then after I printed and ironed it on, he finished decorating it with buttons.  There is a whole story that goes with the picture - it is not just a tractor.  Oh no - he will tell you that it is the Massy Ferguson, with a hole in the back tyre and it needs to go the shed to get fixed and on and on and on it goes.  Believe me it just keeps going this story.  I'm not even going to try to remember what happened next!

I'll try to show you the progress of the quilt as we go along - but knowing how often I get here, it is likely to be a photo of the finished product.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last week...

  • enjoyed a relaxing Beach House Holiday with all my boys
  • discovered a wonderful small fabric shop full to the brim with fabric that I need want to add to my stash
  • made amazing train tracks and cities during the rainy weather
  • swimming in the lake in the rain or not
  • enjoyed lots of big long bike rides to a nearby beaches and parks
  • played board games as a family
  • caught up with friends and family
  • had picnic breakfasts by the lake (even if it is just rice bubbles)
  • watched our little one try to do everything the big ones do
  • introduced the boys to the waves
  • went canoeing as a family
  • continued our gelato tradition
  • made the most of some me time and getting my hair done
  • even got to enjoy a date while some beautiful friends offered to be with our kids