Friday, March 1, 2013

Benevolence - Here's what we did

Well we had lots of fun learning about Benevolence this month.  I tried to do at least one activity a week with the boys and then talk about it lots during the month as well.

We started the month by making this 'Love is' sign that hangs in our dining room window.  



Once or twice a week we added these hanging circles to it.  As we did each circle we read the whole verse from 1 Corinthians 13.  Then we talked about what that means for our family and how we actually do it.

We talked about showing others that we love them.  We made these cute little cards for our friends and family telling them why they are special to us.  The boys loved doing this and really took time to think about their friends and why they are special.

We read a Berenstien Bears book about loving your neighbour.

I gave each of the boys a really long handled spoon telling them they could only hold the very end, placed a big bowl of M&M's on the floor and told them they could eat as many as they like using only the spoon.  This was so much fun.  They tried to feed themselves and quickly realised that they couldn't.  The youngest two kept trying and the oldest lay on the floor crying because he couldn't get any!! I left them to it for a few moments and then suggested that they could show love and think of others.  They soon realised that needed to feed each other.  Such a fun activity.  (Then I sent them outside to run off all the sugar!!)

We also made these love paper chains.  At dinner we talked about if they day had been characterised by actions of love or lack of love.  If they had shown love and done well, a link was added to their chain, (they had one each).  We did have to talk about it not being a competition with each other but doing better themselves each day and we did not remove links for lack of love.

We had lots of fun with these activities but I also think that the boys are actually beginning to get these things in their hearts.  Somedays anyway!!