Thursday, April 21, 2011

Autumn Clean

I know - you're thinking that its meant to be spring clean not autumn clean.  Well, I read blogs that having spring at present and have been inspired to do a little spring autumn cleaning for myself.

I find that I like to start things.  I dream up this wonderful new idea and run off to start it.  But then life interrupts my dream and things are left unfinished.  AND my drive to get back and finish it is non-exsistant.  Then I come up with another new idea and start that and so it goes on.

This week, it got too much for me.  The pile of half started sewing projects that are accumulating on the floor in my bed room was driving me nuts.  Now I'm working on reducing this pile.  Here's what I've finished so far.

A pot holder - a very late birthday present for my friend.  
I used two layers of an old wool blanket inside as my heat barrier.

My first pair of flannelette inside out pants.  I plan to make many more of these for the looming winter months.  They are so warm and toasty that I think I want a pair for me.

I am totally enjoying finishing things this week - getting ready for the next big idea. 


  1. I like them all! esp the potholder.
    glad you are finding time & motivation to finish things.

  2. Know exactly what you mean about beginning projects & not getting back to them, because of interruptions followed by disappearance of motivation!!!--- it drives me nuts, but am hoping to get fired up & stick to one project at a time in the hope of achieving. Thanks for the inspiration to begin again Ains!! Luv ya, Mum


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