Thursday, October 6, 2011


Last month we went to Redfest - a festival celebrating music, art and community in Redland Bay.  What drew us to such an event?  Our favourite musician.  Colin Buchanan.  He happens to fit favourite for all our family as he does the coolest kids Christian music and he is also a Golden Guitar winner for his country music.  So when we found out that he was performing for adults on Saturday night and a kids show Sunday morning, I was hooked.

We had no idea what Redfest was, we were just going because Colin was going to be there.  Anyway, it turned out to be a wonderful weekend of fun for all.

Sorry about the terrible photos - I forgot the camera and had to resort to the good old phone camera!

We enjoyed
  • show rides, 
  • lantern making for a parade, 
  • fireworks at a kid friendly time of 6:45pm,
  • animals for touching,
  • show food,
  • we got to talk to Colin for 30mins after his Saturday night show 
  • Isaiah got a really close and personal show with Colin on Sunday
  • And Colin sang 'Edge of the Kimberley' specially for us. 

Such a fun family time together.  So many special memories made that weekend.

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  1. Oh, we love Colin too! Isn't he such a great all-round performer? Sounds like a perfect festival. grace


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