Sunday, January 8, 2012


This weekend we

  • planted a Jacaranda tree in our yard
  • added a cargo net to our fort
  • enjoyed some time on our new kids swing
  • spent time playing in irrigation ditches while Dad worked
  • had family photos taken
  • added some little gardens to the veggie patch for companion plants/flowers
  • had some lovely family time together in amongst weekend farm work
The tree, cargo net and swing all came from a nearby nursery - which also helped me meet one of my blog friends.  Yes, odd I know, but I saw pictures on her blog and asked where it was and it turns out that she also frequents the same nursery.  So when I made a plan to get my new tree I also asked Grace, of Art House Mum, if she would like to meet me at the nursery.  Slightly scary when we don't really know each other apart from what we read on each others blog.  Anyway, she invited me to her house and we had a lovely time visiting and getting to know each other in the flesh. I am excited that I've found a new friend through my blog.  So unexpected, so wonderful.

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  1. Yeah Ainsley, it was really nice to meet you in person. Makes blogging seem so very worthwhile when you have the chance to make new friends. I'm inspired to hear that you've been out and active in the garden... I've been ignoring mine for a while. And the photos of the boys are priceless! Happy blogging! grace


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