Saturday, March 3, 2012

On Friday Mornings ...

We now have tennis lessons, both Isaiah and Jai.  The boys are loving it and going amazingly well.  I wasn't sure how Jai was going to go but his concentration surprised me.  The coach is so patient and encouraging.   

And after their lesson, while the boys had morning tea, my sister and I had a lesson!!  It is great fun and I'm really enjoying learning some of the techniques to really play tennis rather than just wacking the ball.  


  1. Now there is some skill involved I might actually have to improve rather than just rely on brute strength!!! Lovin' it Ains and we really need to get ourselves organised again for a weekly tennis night!

  2. You guys are so cool! I love the kid in the red shirt at the back of the line in the bottom photo playing tennis-guitar. (Did you ever see the Federer add about air-guitar? worth a you-tube search sometime) Again, so cool. grace


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