Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Here are some of the things our family did to celebrate Easter and started some new traditions.

On Friday morning we built a hill and made crosses and Jesus and the robbers.

 Friday night we wrapped Jesus and put him in the tomb and put the big rock in place.

Sunday morning when the boys got up, the tomb only had the cloth inside - Jesus is risen.

Then we did an Easter egg treasure hunt!

Each 'egg' had a part of the resurrection story and the clue to find the next part of the story.

Our story ended with this!  So we all had eggs before breakfast.

I asked Isaiah what was in his egg (expecting him to say nothing so we could talk about how the tomb was empty too) but he comes out with 'A new life'.  

I was happy with the mix of chocolate and the real reason for Easter that we managed to establish in our house.  Did you do anything special with your family this Easter? How do you mix chocolate and Jesus in your house??


  1. Those are some really cool ideas!


  2. This was an amazing idea, and I am so glad that you did it. And how humbling and wonderful that Isaiah beat you to the punch line! So cool to hang out with you guys too. grace

  3. I really liked the 'hill' with the cross, Jesus and the tomb as part of the Easter celebration. It's an idea to be shared. Thank you. My own children are still commenting that they didn't quite celebrate Easter this year as I have traditionally set a special Easter morning breakfast table then shared an extra yummy breakfast together - a bit hard to do whilst camping, so I've promised them a special Mother's Day breakfast where they can join in the joy of preparing our breakfast table!

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment - I have been really thinking about the traditions I want to work on with our boys now that they are getting to an age where they notice and remember these things. We have special birthday bunting and now we have our Easter traditions mostly planned. There are a few more I want to add in next year. I like the idea of a special mothers day breakfast. I haven't thought that far ahead yet.


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