Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Accepting how it is!

Normally my first post for the new month would be the character trait we are going to work on that month.  Well, last month we were meant to be doing Self Control.  And we did a few minor things but I don't feel like I spent enough time on it with the boys for them to gain a true grasp of the trait.  I was going to move on to the next one but realised that I need to be real with where we are at, or in this case not at and do what I need to do to fix it.  And that is do Self Control again this month.

The things I have learnt from the past month are
  • I need to be more intentional about the activities we do with each trait 
  • plan the activities well in advance so that I can focus properly when we are doing them
  • make a plan for when we are going to do these activities
So my plan is to do these activities on Wednesdays as part of our circle time and that means I will aim to prepare on Tuesday nights.  Here is what we did this morning.

We made traffic lights, 
  • red to remind us to stop and use our self control (I wrote specific things the each boy has trouble remembering to use self control with to help them understand), 
  • orange to remind us to have caution - is my attitude right (or do I have a happy heart) and 
  • green, all is good, go for it.

Hopefully as we do an activity each week that relates to our character trait and we talk about it more intentionally throughout the month, it will sink in with both the boys and myself.


  1. Good one Ainsley, I love even that you are getting these phrases (as well as the concept of course) into the boys' vocabulary... and how great the traffic lights look! grace

  2. I like the traffic light concept, great ideas for the character traits, thanks for sharing.

  3. Are you sharing the activities youa re doing?


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