Saturday, October 27, 2012

Terrific Two!!

Our youngest had his second birthday today.
 He was much more interested in the bottle of balloons than the new duplo!!

 We made 'Frank' the header for the cake - he loves riding on 'Frank' with dad.

Having fun playing trains with Pa.

This kid is so special - he brings so much joy to our family.
Happy Birthday Eli!!


  1. Love that photo in Nana's chair! Those eyes really come alive with that beautiful smile.
    Love you Eli & Happy Birthday little man. xoxo

  2. Hi there Ainsley!
    My name is Martine. I found your blog through the email from MumHeart Conference! I have been loving seeing all the lovely things you do with your family. I really like the character traits you are doing with your sons... something I would love to start doing with my sons :)

    My eldest son is Year One age next year and I was wondering what curriculum you use with your sons?? I am currently enrolled with Groves DE, but am looking at the alternatives for next year.

    If you have time to reply - I would love to hear what works for your family!
    God bless,
    :) Martine


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