Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Busy... Farm... Fun...

Yesterday my morning baking was interrupted by a very excited cry of "The cotton pickers, the cotton pickers, mum.  Can we go please?? NOW???"

Picking is a great time - very busy but lots of fun.  There is action everywhere, 3 pickers, 2 module builders and 3 very excited boys.  They like to 'help' me build modules, ride in the pickers with Dad, Uncle Matt or Pa (whoever is going past at the time) but the best thing to do is play in the cotton module.  We see all sorts of flips, flops and falls into the soft fluffy cotton.  This is the life we love!!

(Top 4 photos by Isaiah)


  1. Looks like lots of fun! Good job Isaiah on the photography - very creative!

  2. Not just a motocross expert, but a photographer too! Could be a winning combination... And I guess we could throw acrobat into the mix too... you have lovely and talented boys Ainz! grace

  3. Great photography Isaiah!!
    I haven't been here for a bit so it has been nice to do a catch up this morning.
    Love to your family.


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