Saturday, July 27, 2013

Land of the Getaway - Tanami Desert

Flat tyre at morning tea

Desert 'track'

Camp at Renahan's Bore

Getting a birds eye view

Wolfe Creek Crater

Such a huge hole (800m across)

The family going back down.

China Wall near Halls Creek

Fun at Old Halls Creek


  1. Looks like great fun (except the flat tyre!). That birds eye view looks scary! We're about to embark on Cape York adventure - can't wait. Thanks for sharing your adventures :-)

  2. Loving catching up with what you guys are up to and where you've been!!! Can't wait to see Jai's account of his camel ride. Love and hugs from us to you! oxoxoxoxox

  3. Too cool. The colours look amazing. And the boys look rediculously happy! Fighting myself not to be jealous... but then, we've got a vomitter and a fever and a sad sicky at the moment, so it's probably better to weather this storm in our home! Hope you guys all stay well! g


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