Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Land of the Getaway - Start of the Gibb

We are actually home now but I'm going to keep showing you what we've been up to.  

We camped on the side of the road, next to the Lenard River.  The boys played for hours in this ankle deep water while we sat by and watched.  They also learned how to skip rocks in this river. You can see our camp up on the bank.

Windjana Gorge, full of fresh water crocs.  
We counted at least 25 sunning themselves on the bank so imagine how many more are in the water

Tunnel Creek.  This is an amazing place.  The creek runs straight though a mountain and it has made a tunnel big enough for people to easily walk through.  We met a lovely couple here who took great delight in show our boys stalagmites, benches, bats, freshwater crocs and so much more. 

Once again, the mobilo was a great hit.  The only toy we brought with us.

Bell Gorge.  We loved this place.  We walked down to this beautiful gorge in the early afternoon, stayed till almost sunset and walked up the big hill in the cooler evening weather.  
A prepared dinner meant it worked well and the boys coped well with a late evening out.

I discovered this cool feature on my new camera.  
The old one went for a swim and then decided it didn't like getting wet!!  
Since this is the second camera we've drowned our new one is waterproof.

Trying to absorb as much warmth out of the rocks as possible.  
We may be in the Kimberleys but the water was still cold.

Eli played with his hat for over 45mins.  Apparently it was the best boat ever.  
'Why do we buy toys for our kids?'

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  1. Ainz, what a tonne of precious memories. Camping by water looks fantastic... but crocs... the crocs weren't in that tunnel with you, were they?! I'm not big on crocs. And the camper van looks so practical. Welcome home!


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