Sunday, July 11, 2010

Last of the tomato crop

My sister picked the last of the tomatoes after a very big frost killed the plants and we had a bucket load. More than we could ever eat so a quick wash and then into my Thermomix to make canned/bottled tomatoes for the pantry. I have recently been given all of the perserving bottles that used to belong to my husbands granma.

My grandma used to do heaps of preserving too but she died when I was very little. I really enjoy talking to my dad about what she did and anything he can remember about how she did it. Apparently she would go to Stanthorpe and get boxes of cheap fruit and come home and preserve for days. I would love to do that. Maybe soon we will have a weekend trip to Stanthorpe.

Somehow, doing things that my grandma did makes me feel closer to her,
even though I actually can't remember her at all.

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