Thursday, July 29, 2010

Toys, toys, too many toys

This week all the toys we have are driving me crazy. I have them sorted into boxes and we are meant to pack away one box before we open the next. But this has not really been happening - mum needs to be a little more intentional with this one. We also don't seem to play with half the toys that are available to us.

So I have done some rearranging and put most of our toys away in another cupboard and we are only going to have this small box in the lounge room. (Even the basket on top is going to find another use.) Half toys and half books, next to the reading corner. I am planning to try and rotate the toys more often and keep some as special times toys.

We love our reading corner. It is great for so many reasons.
  • to snuggle, cuddle, tell stories and chat
  • to have quiet time and read
  • chill out spot when one of the boys has woken up but isn't ready to face the world yet (did you spot Jai)
  • a place to go (or be sent) if one needs to calm down a little.
  • a great supply of pillows for pillow fighting

It has many, many uses.

Most of the time it is a place of peace and quiet.


  1. You did an awesome job! I feel a little pillow corner envy... and too many toys envy too. I may need to adjust my attitude :)
    bet you feel great!

  2. Looks great Ains. I think I need a reading/pillow corner so I can occasionally head there to calm down too!!! :) Hope you find the toy idea works for you. I know my kids appreciated not having so many choices and then there's the excitement and hours of play when the boxes were swapped!!!


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