Monday, February 21, 2011

New Old Things

Over the past few weeks I have collected a few more old things.  I am so excited about each one of them.  An old iron, an old meat safe and an old (but electric) preserving kit.

I don't have great plans for this iron - it just brings me joy as it sits on our dining room table.

I have great plans for this one - hopefully one day I'll be sharing them with you.

This kits looks like work - but to me it is well worth it.  We are growing so much in our garden that we can't use at the time so the thought of saving it for later using this is very exciting.

I have a great contact when it comes to finding old things - my father in law.  He and I share a joy in finding and collecting old things.  I have him thank for two of these finds.

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  1. Love them all Ainsely!! Love the little meat safe cupboard!!!! Where does he find his vintage stuff.....we loved looking at them when we stayed at their house!


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