Saturday, February 12, 2011

Through the windows

This week on playschool, there was a girl doing ribbon dancing through the windows. 
When it was on Isaiah asked if he could have a ribbon stick,
I said yes, we can make one this afternoon. 

After his sleep, he reminded me of this promise and so I found some ribbon, an old cylinder and made one.  The request was for pink ribbon - just like the girl on TV. 
Thankfully I keep all my ribbon from presents and actually had some pink in the cupboard.

Don't they look cool?  So simple - So fun.
I made one for Jai too, they had a great time playing with them.
Perhaps I need to make one more with yellow ribbon for a cousin that loves yellow.

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  1. Perhaps yes! We r coming tomorrow & some ribbon dancing is in order... Mayb 1for kAEL too!


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