Thursday, March 31, 2011

Memorable Moments - Isaiah

Yesterday Jai dropped a toy on my toe while we were playing outside,
(this is not the memorable bit). 

Isaiah was playing nearby but ran off not long after this happened. 
I didn't think anything of this.
I assumed he was just going off to play somewhere else. 

A few minutes later he runs back with a cold drink from the fridge and says,
'Here you go mum, something cold to put on your sore toe. 
That will make it feel better.' 

I was super impressed - he is starting to think of others more and is learning to care and be kind. 
When I had finished 'cooling' my toe, he even went and put it back in the fridge for me.

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  1. Wonderful caring, & the first aid lesson came from his experience with Nan that morning when he jammed his fingers. He's putting it all together. That's special. love ya Mum


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