Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Summer Garden Lessons

  • Snake beans are really hardy and produce well- we will be planting them again next year.
  • Floods slow down/stop growth - my egg plants are really really late - may not get anything from them
  • Pumpkins take up too much space - plant them in the paddock next year
  • I need to plant more corn, more regularly - the little bit we had was so yummy
  • Rosellas are patient plants - that is I need patience because you don't see any sign of fruit for about 6 months
  • It helps to have play things for the kids to do - when they get sick of helping in the garden they can go off to the mud kitchen and I can still get gardening done
  • Don't plant too many tomatoes - I can never keep up and end up with lots on the ground

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