Sunday, June 5, 2011

Our Weekend

Expedition with cousins to visit the cotton picking

Loving the new fort addition

Climbing wall/huge puzzle

Celebrating the arrival of yet another tooth

Preparation for a craft this week

A visit to the model train expo

Check out the detail of this cane farm

Even had a bulldozer in the shed

Even though farm work happened all weekend, the kids and I still had a wonderful weekend making the most of any activities we could find!  I'm ready for a big sleep.

Hope you had a fun filled weekend and are ready for a new week.

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  1. Great w/end variety Ains --- really wish I'd seen the model train set-up. LOVE the cane farm --- very Nth Q'ld & so realistic --- what we've seen mostly in the past has depicted other countries!! Hope all the playgroup gang love the coloured pasta. love,Mum


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