Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Pink...

I had a few scraps left after making these pillows so I decided that a cute little matching flag banner would make the perfect birthday present and complete the set off nicely.  I had great fun making these. Using up every last little scrap I had, playing with the stitches on my machine and not having to buy anything - all sourced from my supplies.  Makes for a great, quick and easy (last minute) present.

When I hung them on the wall in our room for the pictures, they looked so good I've decided that I need to make some for myself one day, but not in pink.  If you know me - you know I don't do pink!!

I wrapped them around a cylinder for easy postage and even sewed the gift tag on!

Happy Birthday Nozipho.

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  1. Cute! I need a project where I can play with the stitches on my machine too... and pink is okay if it's with green... as yours is... Well done. grace


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