Thursday, November 24, 2011

New friends

Here are some new, much loved friends we spent our time with on the weekend.

Isaiah spent much of the weekend in the box with the chickens he inherited from his daycare.  They were hatched at daycare and the kids enjoyed watching them grow for a couple of weeks.  The kids were allowed to take them home.  We ended up with two that were left without homes.  Isaiah was so excited to bring them home.  They spent the weekend in the box in the laundry. They are now outside in the chicken pen and are visited at least once a day.  They seem happy with their bigger space.  I'm just hoping they are girl chickens so they enjoy a long life on the farm. 

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  1. Oh they are too cute! Glad to hear that yours started their home-life int eh laundry, too. My kids are too scared to hold our baby guinea fowl, so I am totally impressed with Isaiah. They do love patting them, though, and watching them. Aren't pets just the greatest thing with kids? I am very keen to hear all about your chicks as they grow... I have so much to learn! grace


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