Monday, June 18, 2012


- like a vacation except instead of going somewhere different, 
we stay home and mum is away and we do things that are different.  
Thank-you Sparkle Stories for this definition.

My family had a Daddycation this weekend and this is what I've heard happened.
- a trip to town for new sandpit sand, special morning tea and a long play in the park
- filling the wheel barrow with sand, riding on top and getting tipped into the sand pit
- picking up new tyres for the quad bike from town, fitting them and then taking it for a test drive with all the boys aboard
- french toast, bacon and maple syrup for breakfast
- cooking jumbles
- visiting friends in town for a play
- lots of wrestling 
- dinner with grand parents which always means special desserts
- lego play with dad
- tennis with dad

It sounds like they had so much fun, I'm almost sad I missed out.   But then I remember that I was at the Novotel, Twin Waters on the Sunshine Coast being completely refreshed with over 100 other homeschooling mums.  No, I didn't miss out at all.


  1. That is very cool - love the idea of a daddycation. And.... you have a photo to boot! Well done Scott.

    1. Better than 'babysitting' your own kids hey??

  2. Yup Ainsley, you've got me thinking...

    And I love the way that Scott also obviously had a good solid list of activities ready to go. I too am stunned that he took a photo, and that he cooked with them! What a winner!

    Love it, grace

  3. Hi Ainsley! Fun to just discover this post and get filled in on your life a little. Parenting is so much a team effort. How wonderful to see a Dad that GETS that. Way to go Scott! blessings, from Barb

    1. It is wonderful to share parenting. I am very blessed to have a great husband and dad for our boys.


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