Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My new 'door'

After inspiration from bbeingcool and Country Style Magazine, I turned this old door into this new 'command centre' in my kitchen.

 The top two panels became a space where the next two weeks plans are clear for all to see.
The bottom six panels are magnetic blackboards for the kids to play, create and learn on.  The middle was so pretty I didn't want to change it at all.  Since it has been in my kitchen I've discovered that this space is the prefect spot for me write anything that I need to remember - phone calls to make, shopping lists or jobs to do, and to write fun messages to my husband!!!


  1. This is so great! I love it! I love that you have added parts for your boys to play on - very clever!

    Great idea!

  2. I LOVE it! That is so creative and thrifty! Good thinking Mrs. Ainsley!


  3. What a creative and functional way to use an old door! This is definitely a cool addition to your kitchen. On the upper part, you can use the glass panels to list your reminders and things to do, while the kids can use the bottom part to scribble, doodle and expand their imagination. I’m sure you will not forget anything because of your door. It is a very ingenious recycling idea!

  4. What a way to merge ideas into one output! I got to say, Norbert is correct on so many points here. Not only is the door visually pleasant, it also acts like a mini-playground for the children. That’s ingenuity, thriftiness, and creativity in one door. You truly turned this door around, Ainsley! :)

  5. Who said you can’t have fun with doors? :D Sometimes, all we need is some inspiration and creativity to bring old items back to life. Doors in particular, are very recyclable and can fit any room as long as you know how to control shapes and colors.

  6. A multi tasking door? That’s what I call making full use of everything around you! You got a door and a bulletin board all in one! I hope with this bulletin board / door, you won’t forget anything important.

    -Maricela Milum

  7. Love your door! I like the idea that there is something for the boys to do close to you without being underfoot! I'm sure that will be helpful on certain days.


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