Monday, September 3, 2012

Spring Bonfire

This past weekend we started an annual tradition.  The SPRING BONFIRE.  We gathered with a bunch of friends to celebrate the arrival of spring.

We started off the event by throwing some old winter socks into the fire to say Good-bye winter and HELLO Spring.  The warmth of the fire was wonderful because the weather forgot that it was spring and put on a nice minus 2 degrees C for us.

Some families camped out over night and enjoyed a relaxed Father's Day breakfast and morning together.
What a wonderful weekend with family and good friends!


  1. Love that last photos of the kids watching the grownups play on the tyre swing!!!

  2. Jenny said it was minus 5... Not that I'm bragging... ;-) Thanks Ainsley, was an honour to see Spring in with you and your clan! grace


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