Thursday, November 22, 2012

3 Things Thursday - In Our Home

~ This cute little Paradise Kingfisher made it's home in our ute for a night this week. It wasn't looking too well when Scott found it but after a while it decided it was ok and flew off.

~ We had lots of fun with paint and canvas this week.  These 'splat' painting now hang on the wall in our family room.

~ There are now bunk beds in the boys room - no more cot!!  And it is going so well.  Eli is so proud of his big boy bed and it even staying on it and playing with his toys in the mornings.


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  2. Gorgeous bird. I LOVE the "splat" paintings - they're fantastic. The bunk beds look fantastic too. Won't be too much longer and our girls will be bunking together too :-)

  3. Hey cool! The paintings are great. & I love that you went for tall canvases. Nice. The kingfisher is cute too. & the bunks look great in an L shape. Go Eli! grace


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