Friday, November 23, 2012

A Three Year Project

When I was pregnant with Eli (who is now 2!!) I started knitting a cotton throw blanket.  I didn't have a pattern, my friend had one that I liked so I borrowed it and counted stitches and rows etc.  I cast on 150 stitches and started my moss stitch.  Each row took me about 45mins to knit!!  I was cruising along alright but after awhile, as you can imagine I started to lose a little interest and get a bit bored with it (and started other knitting projects). 

Every now and then I would get it out and do a bit more. Then Eli joined our family and then the desire  and the need to have a blanket decreased each day.  

Then 2 years on, my sister announced that she was pregnant.  Out came the blanket again - I was on a mission to get it finished for this baby.  After running out of cotton and then going all over town to try and find more that matched, I finally got the knitting all finished!  BEFORE Jimmy arrived.

It then sat in a pile on my sewing desk for a few months till he actually arrived and I was gently prompted by my sister to finish it.  I was going to try and make binding till I discovered blanket binding. How cool is this stuff.  Once I had this it took me all of 15 mins to finish. 

Now it is used and loved by my newest nephew and his mum.  Isn't he CUTE?

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