Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I've been on holiday!!  Both literally and figuratively speaking.  We had a few short breaks over the normal holiday times, at the beach and camping & water skiing.  I have also been using January to try and get some order in my life.  Here's what I've been doing...

  • Mind Organisation for Mums (Power of Moms)
  • implementing the Freedom Filer
  • Planning for 20 weeks of lessons in Five in a Row
  • Reorganise our middle room (playroom/lesson room)  
  • Sorting out our new craft cupboard

Therefore I've had no extra brain space or time to consider blogging.  But I have spent some time thinking about what I'm wanting to do with the space this year.  

I plan to
  • share the character traits we are learning about and the activities we do with these.  
  • show you some of the things I make through out the year
  • share something we are working on once a week on a Friday - this could be something I'm making, a habit I'm trying to cultivate, something the kids and I are doing together or a lesson I'm working on with the kids
  • update with how we are going with what we are working on
So I'm aiming for a weekly Friday post.  I'll see how this goes and how realistic this is!!  But I'm not starting yet.  I still need a couple more weeks to get my organisation implemented, then I'll be back and committed to posting once a week at the least.

Hope you will join me in my journey.

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