Monday, January 7, 2013

New Family Member

This (currently nameless) little fellow arrived this morning - just hours before these pictures were taken.  His arrival has been talked about for a few weeks now as his mum were showing signs of the impending birth.  However it was taking so long we had almost given up hope.  I'm thinking the wait was worth it.  We have 3 very impressed boys.


  1. How exciting for you guys! Are you going to name it eventually?

    1. It's not officially ours to name, it belongs to Matt and Jen. Not even sure if it is going to be staying on the farm. Hopefully it does!!

  2. that is SO cool. kinda trumps the kitten we got yesterday :)

  3. That's amazing! And mum looks like she's doing brilliantly... What a treat to watch him grow. g

  4. So cool for your kids! (And wow... I thought pushing out a small human was hard work, but a small horse?!!)


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