Friday, May 31, 2013

love Love LOVE

I have just been away for a week with the boys in the Hunter Valley in NSW.  We had a great time and I have so many things to share with you.  But first I HAVE to tell you about a surprise that was waiting for me when I got home.

If you've know me for more than a few minutes you'll most likely know that I have a thing for windmills.  Not pretend, toys windmills but real ones.  When I was growing up there was one here on the farm, it didn't function anymore and had been long replaced by a (more reliable) diesel engine.  So when the old windmill fell down there was no real need to fix it up again.  However, since returning to live on the farm, life on a farm without a windmill just hasn't felt right.  So there has been a longing for a windmill outside my front fence.  Not to function but to simply create atmosphere.  

We recently went to a clearing sale (read op shop for farmers) as there was a windmill advertised.  Apparently working windmills are extremely sort after and it sold for ten times my budget.  Really it is just for looks!!! I had decided that my love and desire for a windmill would just have to wait for 10 or more years until we had less other expenses (and I was trying hard to be ok with that...but it wasn't really working).  It turns out all that farmer chit-chat at these clearing sales is well worth it.  One of Scott's farmer friends rang and told him that they had an old one we could buy - for our exact budget!!!!  The wonderful man my husband is, kept it a surprise and I came home to this. 

Oh how I love that man (& my windmill).


  1. That is very cool! Top marks to Scott! I love the look/feel of windmills too - so completely understand.

  2. Super star. You'd better keep him. I think that I like the card the best... g

  3. I love the windmill! And *Mr Ainsley* - you are pretty cool!

    Happy birthday, too!

  4. What a man!!! Love this story.


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