Monday, May 13, 2013

Sticker Charts

Stickers are great rewards.  They are cheap, I can buy them by the 1000 and the kids love them.  We don't use them all the time, just sometimes when I see something happening that I think could be better and so we work on that one thing with stickers as our incentive.  It is good for me because it helps me remember what we are working on at the moment and it is good for the kids because it is visual and they love stickers.  
At the moment we are working on morning jobs in a reasonable amount of time.  
(I use a timer to help them know what is reasonable)

But the best thing is I've been inspired by my artistic friend and my sticker charts have changed from 
boring printed A4 grids

 to a large poster with kid inspired drawings.  
We have a digger loving boy, a wannabe pilot and a farmer in his spray coop.  

This is much more fun to look at and add stickers to than the old one.  I also love that one starts at the top while the others start at the bottom, apparently it is much harder to be competitive with each other when you have to keep counting all those small stickers.

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  1. That's a great idea, Mrs Ainsley! Lots of fun and still does the job. It's really good when I can find a creative and different way to approach something (that's something you've always done really well!)


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