Monday, October 21, 2013

Craft Supplies Sorted!!

We have lots of craft supplies.  I means LOTS.  I go into those cheap shops and just can't help myself.  I always come out with something!!  BUT I have never had them all sorted out in a way that is easy for the kids to use. So we didn't actually do much craft with them.  Last week, this got the better of me.  I wish I'd taken a before photos because I had some in one cupboard, some in a draw, some in another box, all mixed up and shoved in any which way.  It was literally spread from one end of the house to another.

So here is my new organised craft supplied tray. 

It is simply a wooden tray I already had, with lots of glass jars filled with all the supplies.  I love that you can see whats in each bottle and it looks like fun to play with.  It keeps it all together and the kids can access each item easily.  The only problem is that the tray is way too heavy for me to lift down off the cupboard.  So I'll be just choosing a few jars and letting the kids play with those.

The tidy tray inspired fun creations straight away!  I even had a chance to do a few jobs while they glued happily for nearly an hour. And when I came back there was minimal mess too.  Big win.  I think this will be a great activity to keep little ones busy while the others are doing lessons.

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  1. Nice. Kids' craft stuff is such a thing of joy... and annoyance. I might just have to start stockpiling bigger jars for a while...


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