Thursday, October 31, 2013

Living in the Country...

We live in the country and we love it.  I am content with the peace and quiet here.  I believe it makes living a simple life easier.  I want to share one (of the many) things that I love about where we live.

We have a mobile library truck that comes to our local community twice a month.  It is so cool.  It is like having my own private librarian.  (They even ring me when they aren't going to make it for some reason).
I prioritise this time in our week and make sure we get there in time to sit and read as many books as we can in the hour that it is there.  I sit on the stairs and the boys bring me book to read.  Most weeks my librarian friend even makes me a cup of tea!!  (See the shelf by my elbow, well that is not really a shelf, it's actually my 'coffee table'.  Or so I like to think anyway). What a perfect way to spend an hour or so.
We also can request books online from the 'big' library to be reserved for us and they will come out next time the truck visits us.  Such a great service.
I think library truck days might be one of my favourite days of the month.  
What do you love about where you live??


  1. That is very cool!! I love our library boys do too. :) Martine

  2. that is so cool!
    Right now, I'm sitting here in a very quiet house with a beautiful sunrise filling the sky. The sunrises and sunsets are a beautiful part of where I live.


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