Friday, February 24, 2012

Three things - spaces in our home

Three spaces that make me happy because they bring organisation and simplicity to our home.

 The shelf above our 'work table' that houses our paper, pencil, pens, crayons and other everyday stationery.

 The boys shoes boxes and dirty clothes boxes - each one has their own and know how to use it!!

Our bath toys - in a pot plant box.  Holes to drain the water and a tray to catch the water so it doesn't go all over the floor.  A simple solution to these wet toys dripping all over the floor.

I love simple organisation!!

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  1. oh, I love all those spaces too! Corners of order feel like corners of sanity with three little ones. Thanks for sharing yours, cos now I feel that I might try to reclaim some more corners of our house. I especially love the shoes and dirty clothes... and that the boys know how to use them! Thanks, grace


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