Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Last week...

  • enjoyed a relaxing Beach House Holiday with all my boys
  • discovered a wonderful small fabric shop full to the brim with fabric that I need want to add to my stash
  • made amazing train tracks and cities during the rainy weather
  • swimming in the lake in the rain or not
  • enjoyed lots of big long bike rides to a nearby beaches and parks
  • played board games as a family
  • caught up with friends and family
  • had picnic breakfasts by the lake (even if it is just rice bubbles)
  • watched our little one try to do everything the big ones do
  • introduced the boys to the waves
  • went canoeing as a family
  • continued our gelato tradition
  • made the most of some me time and getting my hair done
  • even got to enjoy a date while some beautiful friends offered to be with our kids

1 comment:

  1. Oh perfect! So glad you had a good break. The beach is good for the soul. And we so go swimming at that exact spot where the boys are in the boat! One day we'll see you there... ; ) grace


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