Monday, February 27, 2012

For Me

I bought some fabric on impulse a few months ago.  I had no plans for it but it was going to be something for me!  I was inspired by Made by Rae's Spring Top Event.  I found this Simplicity pattern that I thought would go well with my fabric.
This top seemed to take forever to make.  It happened during rest times over a month or more.  And then I tried it on half finished and didn't really like the way it looked so left it on my sewing table for another couple of weeks. Perhaps there was even some guilt about spending time on a project for myself.  Some how it is easy to justify sewing time when its clothes for the kids.  Anyway, eventually I decided to just do it and see what happened.

I'm really happy with how it worked out - After adding the tie it becomes a lovely fitting top.
I love that when I make my own tops I can make it a size ten at the top and then a 14 at the bottom to accommodate my post-baby belly.  I also love the way it is finished.  For no particular reason I decided do french seams, and then when it came time for the sleeves they have binding on the seam.  So it has a beautiful finish.
All in all, it was a trying sewing experience, but I would definitely make this pattern again.  I'm already on the lookout for the perfect fabric.  It may just be hiding in my fabric cupboard somewhere, perhaps it needs a sort!

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  1. Love it! You are such a neat sewer... And I hear you about the guilt of sewing for yourself... g


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