Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy Shiny Art

We recently did some combined art with some special friends.  When Grace put a link to this on facebook I made a cheeky comment that I would love to do it - as long as it was at her house and she could direct my boys.  She said sure and so we did!!

Well the whole process went surprisingly smoothly.  With clear direction, and others following the guidelines each of the boys did a great job of drawing on their canvas.  Then with some help, limited paint and a controlled environment they painted within their own drawing.  

One week on, we returned and re-drew our drawing to re-define the picture and then painted it with a shiny vanish.

These are now displayed proudly above each of the boys beds!

Sometimes I worry about setting too many limits on our kids but then I see them create something wonderful like this that they love and enjoyed doing.  This helped me to remember that there is a time for directed play as well as free play.  

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  1. I guess the free play came in the form of mud play for Grace's family & your boys here at the farm. Love their creations. They haven't shown me yet.


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