Wednesday, July 4, 2012

In July


  1. I love this series Ains! Have you made them up? I would love to get my hands on a set of these character traits? All exciting things happening here - Tyler's last day of school at St Joeys today before we start .... homeschooling! Very relieved that the decision has been made and we can now invest in this next chapter of our family's life with excitement and great inspiration! Hope you are all well! Love your photos on this blog - farm life looks bliss - especially for your boys! xxx Julie

    1. Wow, wow wow - I am so excited for you. That is such great news. We have so much fun homeschooling. Makes me wish I was living just around the corner again so we could share stuff!! This is all from a program called Character First - Belinda Letchford uses it and did a really good blog post on each of the different programs you can buy from them. It explains them all and she owns them so if you wanted to borrow or look at them before you buy them I'm sure she would be fine with that.


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