Saturday, December 1, 2012

Justine Clark

A few months ago I won tickets to the Justine Clark concert.  The tickets have been on our fridge and we have been waiting with great anticipation for the big day.  Wednesday was that day.  We dropped Eli off for a day with Nan and headed for Brisbane.  

I don't go to Brisbane very often but I sort of know my way around - so when we found the right street I was pretty happy about that - found the theatre and the closest car park.  Now the excitement started.  Our car hit the 'your too high' bar as we drove into the car park so we had to back out onto a busy street.  As we backed out, hitting the bar again, the chain holding the bar broke.  Fortunately there was an extremely friendly worker right there who held the bar for us to get out, also checked for traffic as we reversed back onto the street and gave me directions to a higher car park!!  

With that excitement over we headed for our planned excitement THE CONCERT.
Justine was amazing and lived up to our my expectations. 
 How cool is that dress - apparently it's her music book dress!!
 We had such a great time and the boys are still talking about it.  
 Particularly this guy - the gobblebook. He likes books but not reading them - eating them.  Justine had to teach him what to do with books.

After the concert Jai wanted to go the ferris wheel (The Wheel of Brisbane) we'd seen on the way in.  I decided that was a great idea because we get near these sort of things so rarely.  I am wondering if they actually enjoyed this more than the concert!!

We had such a fun day that I hope is going to become a great memory for our boys!!!


  1. WOW! What a great adventure. I bet that the boys won't forget that too soon. grace

  2. That dress is fantastic! I love it! The background is lots of fun too. Her face is really familiar - is she on Play School? It looks like a really nice day.

  3. yep that dress!! I'll have to make sure Nomi reads this post too. Good on you for making an addition for your day when Jai mentioned the wheel. Great memories.


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