Friday, December 28, 2012

Truth in the Tinsel - The slow finish

We finished a little slower than we started off with Truth in the Tinsel.  We went to the beach for 5 days before Christmas so I took all the supplies for our crafts. But really what boys want to sit and do craft when they could be swimming in a lake that is less than 50m away??

So we didn't do them all and some we did the colouring rather than the full activity.  We usually did them over breakfast so we could talk about the meaning of each while they ate and then made the craft.

Here are some pictures of the ones we did do.  I couldn't find a few of them - the kids have enjoyed playing with them so they didn't always make it to the tree.
A stable

Colouring in on busy days - Bethlehem by Eli and a Manger by Isaiah

Sheep that the shepherds were watching

Angels that came to tell the shepherds

A shepherd telling people about what he saw 
Wise men

Talking about the name of Jesus 
The censes - all the people that need counting
Final thoughts - I've really loved doing this with our boys.  The truths they have learned and remembered as a result of these activities are amazing.  Sometimes it felt like hard work, fitting it into the pre-Christmas craziness, (including going on holidays).  BUT I would say it is totally worth the effort and I'd do it all over again.  So thank-you Truth in the Tinsel.

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  1. Love them all. I can so imagine your boys loving making the manger especially. Well done and maybe we'll join you taking that journey next Christmas! g


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