Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Answer - It RAINED

Well, we are home. We had a great week camping. The boys had such fun, exploring and learning. We arrived Sunday afternoon and it was raining. Constant, steady rain. This continued while we set up our tent and tarp, into the night! So those overpants, raincoats and gumboots were very well used. The best moment of all was when Jai discovered that water was running off the tarp and he could catch it in a cup and drink it. So cute. I'll try to post a movie of that later.

They also came out again when it was time to pack up on Friday. We managed to get everything pulled down, folded away into its bag and in the car and boat just before the downpour hit. But out came to wet weather clothes so the boys could have a little more fun before we hit the road.

I am a big fan of wet weather clothes.

The rest of the week, we had the most amazing weather. Beautiful, warm sunny days with very pleasant nights. Perfect for lots of water play and wandering around this stunning campsite. There is so much to show you, so I am going to blog about our goings on for the next few days.

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