Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kids = Washing

I have realised after documenting Jai for the last few days that having kids means lots of washing. I think I already knew that but lately it seems there is more than ever. Maybe it is because I am more tired than normal. Check out how Jai goes about making washing for me.

When I see the fun that is had making the washing it makes doing the washing less of a chore. I must say I am looking forward to summer when we can just do these fun things in nothing more than a nappy.


  1. oh dear... he certainly does get messy. how did he get that muddy?

  2. I let him play in a big puddle just outside the fence. We have had so much rain that there is water still everywhere. But it was my choice to let him out of the yard! I think he actually bends down and puts his head in it and then likes it as it dribbles down his face. Not for me thanks.


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