Friday, September 3, 2010

What's to come??

This coming week we are going camping. We are all very excited because we bought a new ski boat in the middle of winter and have not used it yet so we are going to camp right beside a beautiful dam and have fun with our new toy. There is no phone reception and the weather this week has be so lovely and warm. However, the weather forecast for the start of next week is RAIN. Are we crazy?? A three year old, a one year old, my husband and me at 31week pregnant camping together with friends in the rain. Perhaps we are!!
Anyway in an effort to embrace what may be coming our way next week, I made both the boys a pair of waterproof overpants. I am hoping this may reduce the amount of completely muddy and saturated clothes I have to deal with. Gumboots, overpants, raincoats and boys. What a great combination.

I wonder how it will all work out - let you know next week when we return!

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