Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colin Buchanan

Today we went to our first real concert - Colin Buchanan. It was great. Isaiah loves Colin and we often watch his DVD's and listen to his music at home, singing along and playing the guitar. Isaiah walks around the house claiming that 'God is everywhere' and 'Jesus rocks the world' - all thanks to Colin's music. How cool is that!
So today we went to Toowoomba and enjoyed Colin's crazy antics on stage. Then we lined up for what seemed like a long time and Colin signed Isaiah's guitar for us. (Bad mum forgot the camera so used the phone to capture this moment, sorry it's so average)

Here is a better photo showing his very special guitar!


  1. That is so cool Isaiah! Glad you had so much fun and even got to meet Colin. Sheep seems to be your theme at the moment! Love Aunty Jen

  2. I am so excited to see that my guitar is not only being played with but it has now been signed by Colin - making it even more special!! yay!

  3. Whenever we put Colin on, Isaiah runs off to find his guitar. It is always somewhere nearby!


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