Thursday, January 27, 2011

First Sewing Lesson

Yesterday I undertook my first sewing lesson - as the teacher.  Arrggghhh, who would have thought that I'd be teaching someone else to sew. (I tend to see myself as a little unconventional when I sew - I don't really follow instructions and tend to make things up or modify things a bit) Anyway back to the story, it was for my oldest nephew.  He was stitching his name on some heshon with wool when I was visiting the other day and was a little concerned that the back wasn't very neat.  So I suggested sewing a back on it to cover it up.  And of course this meant I had a job of helping him to do it.  In fact - teaching him to do it himself.  During the discussion, it ended up becoming a wall hanging and needing tabs to hang etc.  The project just kept growing.  Our Australia Day Holiday was the perfect time to get together and do some sewing.

I think the cutting and ironing part was a bit boring - boys really don't find these things interesting or important so focus wasn't very high at this point.

Boys just want to get the machine going - you can see how focused he is now!! He did a great job - even learned how to go slow. His stitching was really straight and looked great. I was super impressed by how he remembered things like when to reverse and holding threats when you start etc. Particularly because these are things I still forget to do.

I think he is happy with the finished project
Wonder what we might make together next??


  1. Thanks for spending the time with Lach to do that project. He is sooo proud of it. The next project was nearly going to be a new school shirt. He got up early and started ironing his uniform and then came in all worried that he'd burnt it! Focus hey...maybe if I could get an iron that was motorised! :)

  2. Well done - to both of you. Daniel connected with the sewing machine so quickly; I think because he saw it simply as a 'machine'! I'm interested to see what you do next with Lach - Daniel enjoyed making bags - even designing his own bag.


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