Thursday, January 13, 2011

Flood reflections

I have been thinking about what to blog for a few days now and have been a little unsure what I should or could share. 

  • I could show you more photos of our paddocks under water but I've already shown you that,
  • I could show you more photos of our boys playing in the mud and water - but I've already shown you that - there has been soooo much of this happening
  • I could show you more photos of the food coming from the kitchen - but I've already shown you that
  • I could show you more photos of the garden - but I've shown you that (old photos, I know, but I'm not sure you want to see it every week)
It may sound a little weird but life here hasn't actually changed that much for us in the last week or so.  We still have lots of water over our farm, nothing in houses or sheds but many of our crops have been covered.  We had a little warning this lot of water was coming so the cupboards, fridges and freezers were all stocked and the generator was on stand-by for power outages.  We knew that our roads would be cut for at least a week. 

So it is a little hard to imagine what life is like for people whose house is being filled with water or in some cases completely floated away.  People who have lost family and friends and those who are waiting looking for missing people.  All I can do from here is pray.

I am feeling somewhat removed from the whole situation.  Even here on our own farm, my responsibility of mothering three young boys remains constant and my priority and prevents me from getting out and helping on the farm.  I was very thankful for my sister relieving me of my responsibility for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon so I could go and help start siphons and get my feet muddy!!

Anyway, whilst I was thinking about what to share with you last night, I looked out the window and saw this.
It helped remind me that there is some much good stuff happening out there, people opening up their houses to those who have lost theirs, people giving food to SES workers, people helping in evacuation centres and so much more that I don't know about.  So I hope that this helps brighten your day - whatever you may be dealing with.


  1. Your thoughts & words are really mirroring mine at present Ains. Have just spent an hour plus with the Lord & the highlights are that His mercies are new every morning, the need to go on praising Him & using every moment we can to continue praying. Words don't realy express ALL the emotions but Lam3:22-39 helped me today. Missing you all & also proud of you all Love Mum

  2. what an amazing sunset ainz. so beautiful. it must be hard but I am glad to hear where you are at in the whole rollercoaster. xox


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